We have the answers!

  1. Our services start at $750 per month, and the average client spend is about $1,500 per month.
  2. We offer a wide range of services, from link building to content to digital assets to design.
  3. The most important question, and the most common one we hear is “What can I expect to see for results?” Here’s the answer!

Compared to the month before starting with SOFUN MEDIA, the average client’s Google organic traffic (among those shown below *) was:

  • up 22% in month 3,
  • up 52% in month 6, and
  • up 151% in month 12.

Compared to the same months during the prior year, the average traffic after starting with SOFUN MEDIA was:

  • up 45% year-over-year in the first three months,
  • up 47% year-over-year in the first six months, and
  • up 73% year-over-year in the first year.

The average client’s traffic for the past twelve months was:

up 69% compared to the 12 months before that.